Jump Start 2009

There's less than two months left in 2008. Here's an idea that should give you a jump start in 2009. For the rest of the year, spend as much time as possible learning about one industry or type of business you would like to focus your sales and marketing efforts on next year.

Set two goals:

  1. Learn as much about that particular type of business or industry as any "insider."
  2. Develop a product, tool, system, or service that will address the greatest business challenge that chosen business or industry faces.

You might have to spend some nights or weekends doing this. But, if you do, come 2009, two things will happen:

  1. You will be perceived as an expert in the industry and you'll know more than the competition.
  2. You will have something new and exciting to market and sell that nobody else has.

Oh, and there is a third thing – 2009 will be more exciting, productive, and profitable for you.

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