Just Call Me Scrooge Today

I've got to tell you, I'm feeling like Scrooge today. First, because
I'm already tired of the commercial advertising bombardment for Christmas gifts.
Yikes! Enough already. If our country's future financial success is
based on how much we spend money on stuff – we are in big trouble.

I know I'm not alone in feeling this way. I know there are plenty of you reading this right
now who are also tired of hearing about Christmas and what we should
buy – from mid-October on. Thanksgiving doesn't even matter anymore
according to the merchants and companies persistently pounding us with
advertising that makes most of us want to gag.

The TV commercial
that really makes me want to drop kick the television are those
obsequious Lexus commercials. Actually, all the auto commercials that
focus on why you should buy a car for someone for Christmas are beyond
good taste but Lexus wins the grand prize. I'd like to take their big
red bow and shove it … well, you know where.

I also wonder what all
the people who don't celebrate Christmas must think. I guess it depends
whether or not the holiday has some other significance to you. What
happens to society during this time of year?

cellular phone, Internet, TV, telephone companies all seem to be
rolling out Christmas deals and advertising too. Do me a favor and make
yourself a lot of money in the process. Put together a website that
compares companies and plans and gives us information to make an
informed decision as to what is the best cellular company and the best
Internet, TV, telephone provider. Because none of them tell the truth
if you define truth as being honest. 

AT&T doesn't have 3G
national coverage according to Verizon. Verizon doesn't give a flying
fig about their customers except how much money then can extract from
them according to – well, most of their customers – so that one might be

The point is that advertisers have always been willing
to bend the truth but these days ads from AT&T, Comcast, Verizon,
Sprint and the rest are about as honest as the news from the lips of
Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck.

I'm not looking for answers to
what I see as very sad examples of what is happening to our nation and
our culture. Tiger Woods and whatever happened between him and his wife
is the top rated search on Google for the past few days. Not what is
happening is Afghanistan. Not what the big names banks are doing today
that is setting us up for the next big drop in our economy. And, not what is
being debated in the Senate as a national health care plan. We're much
more interested in Tiger Wood's private life.

Like I said – I feel like Scrooge today. And, I'm an optimist.

5 thoughts on “Just Call Me Scrooge Today”

  1. I know what you mean – Christmas stock gets earlier and earlier over here too and it amazes me that some people have finished their Christmas shopping already! Whatever happened to hitting the shops on Christmas Eve!!
    I agree too with the news – nothing about young children in orphanages etc. Mind you, we’ll be hearing a lot about the Catholic church’s abuse of children due to a new report which reveals even more horrific abuse. Certainly doesn’t make one proud to be Irish.
    Happy Christmas Bob, tomorrow is the 1st Dec, I’m happy starting Christmas stuff then 🙂

  2. So true. It takes the peace out of the X-mas season for me. I have come to love January, because it is all over then and we can actually relax and focus on family and friends. Sad, I know.

  3. @Lorna – December 1st is ok with me but please not before Halloween! Thank you and Happy Christmas to you too.
    @Toestor – Peace – now there is a beautiful word that doesn’t get nearly enough real attention in this season and too much lip service. Best wishes to you, Toestor.

  4. OK, I posted a long comment and it was eaten!
    Trying again….
    I do not celebrate Christmas, and I find the incessant marketing, which comes earlier and earlier each year, to be very irritating.
    I usually keep the sound off when the ads come on, but it’s really annoying to see things like “Christmas costs less at Walmart” or Holiday Sale at Macy’s/Penney’s/Target, etc. with images of Christmas trees, Christmas ornaments, tinsel, Santa, and reindeer.
    Nothing for me. What am I? Chopped liver? They clearly don’t want my business, and they won’t get it.
    However, your Lexus story did remind me of the time (long ago) that my dad gave my grandpa a BMW for Chanukah (as a thank you for all his hard work when my dad started his software business). It must have been a good year. That made me smile.

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