Killing The Goose

I've seen an uptick in the number of emails in the last two weeks from companies to whom I have given permission to email me. I am a customer of three of them.

They used to email me about once a week with offers and promotions. Recently, two started emailing me almost daily and one finally went to multiple daily emails. Another went from bi-monthly announcements to two and three times a week.

Guess what – there was nothing new in any of the emails. Same products – same old story. I finally opted out of the one that started sending two and three a day. I can't see myself using them again as they never did anything to establish a relationship with me. I was just a goose they decided to kill with email saturation.

The other two companies are on my bubble. If they keep sending me more and more emails without telling me something new – without giving me a reason to read – I may be opting out from them too.

Yes, the economy is hurting some of us. However, saying the same thing – only more frequently – is going to backfire on you. The messages to be learned from the story of the goose who laid golden eggs are:

  • Gordon Gekko was wrong. Greed is not good – it destroys the source of good.
  • Your actions may bring you a quick return but will ultimately lead to disaster.

Create a new story, new products, new services, and new reasons for someone to get excited about buying from you. And, take really good care of the geese.

3 thoughts on “Killing The Goose”

  1. Seriously, thanks for addressing this! I just checked my delete box, and Bath & Body Works has emailed me 13 times SO FAR in the month of October. I think anything more than once a week is rude and desperate. I’m all for marketing, I am in retail after all, but you have to give more than just coupons or new product info. I like to give tips, upcoming class info, and a blog like intro with each email. Introduce a new employee, highlight a customer review, etc. I have noticed that the less a company emails me, the more interested I am in reading what does come through.

  2. Great metaphor, Bob. I’ve noticed the same thing about the emails. By the way, I’m going to start sending thank you notes to our clients.
    Your blog from the other day struck me as something so simple that could make a big difference in fostering repeat business.
    Thanks again for all the great tips.
    As always, I found something useful at the Water Cooler Hangout!

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