Know Your Client

assorted doughnuts

There’s a reason doughnuts come in multiple configurations and flavors. We don’t all like glazed. Some of us like blueberry cake, others chocolate, still others can’t live without a jelly doughnut. The same is true with customers. Don’t show up offering them pineapple pastries if what they really crave is glazed with sprinkles.

Okay, enough with the metaphors. My point is, do your due diligence before you try to sell. Take time to research your potential clients, to get to know their challenges and their needs. Know what they do and why they do it. Read some articles on them. Find out when they were in the news last and why. Spend at least 30 minutes on their website, blog, LinkedIn, or FaceBook page. Great sales people will spend hours, but it all depends on your customer and niche.

Know who the CEO is. If it’s a small business find out who the owners are and as much as you can about them. Google them. If they’re local, find out who their competition is. Learn how to pronounce your contact’s name and the name of their company correctly. Learn what their title is and what their responsibilities are. Never assume you’re good enough to just “wing it” and go in cold to a new call. Everyone’s problems, needs and challenges are different, even within the same industry. So know your client first. Not only will you get a better idea of what you have to offer, but you’ll show them you’re in it for the long haul and not just looking for a quick sale.


“Any decent hunter doesn’t poke his head into a cave without knowing whether it’s home to a squirrel, a snake or a bear first, so why would you enter a man’s business without knowing the same?”~Anonymous

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