Knucklehead Employers

Yesterday, I wrote about insurance companies increasing rates by outrageous amounts to small businesses in anticipation of some kind of change in health insurance. This action is leading to employers cutting health insurance, increasing employee contributions or doing away with insurance totally.

A while back I posted a story about a real conversation I heard about using the economy as an excuse to take away employee perks. There is also a post about not falling for the temptation of cutting back on people.

If you're one of the knuckleheads ascribing to any of these tactics in order to save a buck, you're guilty of being penny wise and pound foolish. Both life and business moves in cycles and one day you might be king but the next day you're looking for loyal people to stand with you. Business also tends to move in a circle so the odds are good that what goes around comes around and if you're guilty of focusing on short-term profits, employee benefit cuts, and lack of recognition then there is a pretty good chance you're probably not too far away from getting bit in the ass – but good.

You see by taking care of people's social needs such as health care, sick benefits, child care, etc., a company is creating much more loyalty than they could with salary and pay. These social needs create a social connection and relationship between you and the employee. They create loyalty. If I have a personal relationship with you, I am more likely to stick with you during good and bad times. I'm more likely to be as productive as possible.

Losing social benefits (or not having them) means that employees think of the company only as a way to make money. If they see no loyalty from the company and management's focus is always on money, then employees will always be looking for a way to make more money. And, that quite often means they will move on to another company as soon as they can find one.

You need talented people who can help you grow. Create a relationship with your employees by using social benefits and by being there when they need you. Then watch how they will also be there for you too.

It could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship, Louie.

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