Laminated Thank You’s

When is the last time someone really thanked you for doing business with them? Can you remember? Did it leave an indelible impression?

A long
time ago a very wise man by the name of Jack Vodrey told me that gratitude is the
most fleeting of emotions. I’m not sure how this reflects on the human race but
I’ve come to agree with him.

What does
that mean to you if you are in business or sales or marketing? It means you not
only have to thank you customers and clients but you have to do it often and
you need to do it in such a way as to leave a BIG impression.

The most indelible
thank you that I’ve gotten recently is one that left a negative impression. I
stayed at a hotel where I am a member of their frequent guest program. My thank
you consisted of two bottles of water and a letter from the General Manager on
my bed thanking me for being a frequent guest.

It was a form letter and it was laminated so they could put it on the bed of the next guest they wanted to recognize. I didn’t feel really appreciated. In fact, I felt unappreciated.

thinks up these ideas? Was there a meeting between management, sales and
marketing where they allowed someone from accounting to sneak into the meeting?
Do you really save a lot of time and money by laminating a frequent guest thank
you letter for someone spending over $300 a night in NYC?

When is the last time you thanked your customers and left an indelible impression? Did
you leave them smiling and feeling good about doing business with you? Or, did
you give them a laminated form letter?

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