Late to the Party

I am late, late, late to this party. My friends Kyeli and Pace have an awesome program that I signed up for and I’m recommending it to everyone. Registration closes tonight! That’s what I mean by late to the party.

Please take a look and think about doing it. I guarantee (and so do Pace & Kyeli) that the benefits will far outweigh the investment. And, the investment is only $37 if you jump on it today.

Thank you!

52 Weeks to Awesome

Imagine what your life would be like if you were totally awesome. What would you do? What would your typical Tuesday be like? How would you feel? How many of your dreams could you turn into reality?

Go ahead, take a moment and think about it. We’ll wait. (:

So… let’s do it! This isn’t an idle fantasy. This isn’t something that only other people get to have. You can live an awesome life, and we’ll show you 52 ways to do it.

We’ve written down the 52 most important things to make your life more awesome, in plain, easy-to-understand, and easy-to-practice language. Concrete things you can do to be happier, be more motivated, be more productive… ways to figure out exactly what you want out of life and make it happen.

Each week, we’ll give you one bite-size tidbit (something that’s straightforward to learn) and one bite-size mission (something that’s straightforward to do). 52 minor life improvements add up to one huge life improvement.

The course is 52 weeks long and available in 3 formats: email, audio, and a downloadable workbook. There will be about an hour of self-work per week, on average. Becoming more awesome does take a little effort, after all.

52 Weeks to Awesome

Your 52 Missions

What does “awesome” mean, anyway? We prefer clear communication to being weasely or vague, so we’ll explain exactly what we mean by “awesome” by telling you exactly what we’ll teach in the course.

These are missions, not lessons or assignments or topics, because we’re not just lecturing about a bunch of philosophical crap. We’re not going to fill your inbox with a bunch of motivational clichés that will make you feel good for a few minutes and not really improve your life at all. Real change takes action, and that’s why we’re sending you on 52 missions. Concrete things you can actually do… should you choose to accept them.

Here they are.

  • Week 1: Helping you complete the next 51 missions (and anything else you commit to)

1st Module: Knowing Yourself

  • Week 2: Self-acceptance essentials
  • Week 3: Self-esteem essentials
  • Week 4: Self-love essentials
  • Week 5: Introspection introduction

“I never expected to make such concrete, obvious progress in the year, let alone so quickly. Thank you, I can’t believe how much you guys are helping me to help myself.”


  • Week 6: Why we do the things we do
  • Week 7: We are not our thoughts (and why it matters)
  • Week 8: Get this tape out of my head!
  • Week 9: Creating awareness of repeating patterns in your life
  • Week 10: Stopping the downward spiral
  • Week 11: Self-care essentials
  • Week 12: Self-empowerment essentials
  • Week 13: Figuring out your personality type and how it helps you be more awesome
  • Week 14: Forgiveness: freeing yourself without leaving yourself vulnerable

“I loved [Mission #12]! Partly because it assumes I’m the kind of person who will have a pterodactyl at hand, but also because the exercise was both practical and easy. And because it explained something I’ve read before but not really understood: that we can just switch our own emotions. I thought there was some secret to it, but, uh, no, you just SWITCH. Really useful, Pace and Kyeli! Loved this one. I’m going to make a point of practicing this a few times a day, just to get the hang of it. Another fabulous tool in the set.”


2nd Module: Trusting Yourself

  • Week 15: What is fear, anyway?
  • Week 16: Building courage and self-trust
  • Week 17: Self-confidence essentials
  • Week 18: Moving through social anxiety
  • Week 19: Standing up for yourself without being a jerk
  • Week 20: Practicing “no”
  • Week 21: Processing criticism
  • Week 22: The mystery of the voodoo doll

“This week’s mission came right on time for me. I’d had a very difficult day of saying ‘NO’ to two career opportunities that came my way – lots of anxiety about it right before the assignment arrived. So, I was so happy to receive this one. it made me feel much more confident about my decisions and alerted me to how difficult it is for me to say no to things that I think I should do but just don’t feel right. This course is lovely!”


  • Week 23: Finding and respecting your limits
  • Week 24: Vanquishing procrastination
  • Week 25: Decision-making essentials
  • Week 26: Sunk cost
  • Week 27: Dodging stuckness and letting go of worry
  • Week 28: Having faith

“I’ve really been enjoying 52 Weeks to Awesome, because each week is like a nudge in the right direction. Sometimes the concepts are new, sometimes they’re told in a new light and I really appreciate that. My brain likes to tell me I know this stuff already, but I think Pace and Kyeli have got it right – it takes a year to make these incremental changes that will affect your life for the better.”

-Nathalie Lussier

3rd Module: Understanding and Being Understood by Others

  • Week 29: The two reasons that people communicate (and how to tell them apart)
  • Week 30: Avoiding pointless arguments (especially on the internet)
  • Week 31: Communicating clearly without provoking an argument
  • Week 32: Finding common ground
  • Week 33: Using words to make you happier
  • Week 34: Using words to empower yourself

“I love this program. Usually the topic is freakishly EXACTLY what I needed to hear or work on for that week.”

-Rachelle Lucas

4th Module: Meaningful Action

  • Week 35: How to follow through on your dreams
  • Week 36: Decluttering essentials
  • Week 37: Trip over your motivation
  • Week 38: Make a down plan when you’re up
  • Week 39: Organization essentials: Putting your brain onto a coffee table
  • Week 40: Time management essentials: Putting your brain into a calendar
  • Week 41: Finding and honoring your best creative time
  • Week 42: Improving your memory
  • Week 43: Raising the awesome bar
  • Week 44: A company of thieves
  • Week 45: Time flies when you’re having fun: the good
  • Week 46: Time flies when you’re having fun: the bad
  • Week 47: Time flies when you’re having fun: the ugly
  • Week 48: Energy management: how to use your willpower and how not to use your willpower
  • Week 49: Multi-tasking and single-tasking
  • Week 50: Spawning a background thread
  • Week 51: The 30-day trial
  • Week 52: Manifestation essentials

“I’m really enjoying 52 Weeks to Awesome; I look forward to getting the emails each week, and always open them up with a sense of excitement — they feel like a little ‘just for me’ treat. There’s always something which makes me think, and several missions have really opened my eyes to something that I’d otherwise have taken years to realise on my own. Thank you!”

-Ali Luke

52 Weeks to Awesome

All it takes is commitment and 52 baby steps.

The course consists of 52 awesome missions. You’ll get an email each week containing that week’s mission. That email will also include a link to an MP3 file you can ignore, listen to, or download to listen to later. You’ll also get a 135-page workbook containing all 52 of the missions, for you to download or print out. You can pick and choose which format(s) work best for your learning style.

And you get it all for $52, just $1 per week.

If you pre-register this week, you get a discounted price of $37.

Buy Now

52 Weeks to Awesome

Bonus #1:
Pace & Kyeli’s best-kept secret
to living an awesome life

After we had already constructed the list of 52 missions, we realized that we’d left out the most important thing. We had completely ignored it because it’s part of our daily routine, and so it had become invisible to us. Usual error, anyone? (:

When we come up with something this important that makes such a big difference in our lives, we usually share it with everyone as a public blog post or in our newsletter. We’re not generally big on secrets. But for this one thing, we agreed to not share it publicly, but instead to leave it as a special bonus only available to folks who sign up for 52 Weeks to Awesome.

We’ll whisper it to you between Week 1 and Week 2, so you can make the most of it during the year.

52 Weeks to Awesome is, for lack of a better word, superb. Kyeli and Pace have crafted their program with care and love. Through just ten weeks, I can tell they put a lot of thought and effort into the order and structure of the program with each lesson building on those before it. I feel like the program has given me the tools and guidance to build my awesomeness, and the space to use them myself. And I think the biggest compliment I can give it, is that even though I feel almost as awesome as I can get after just 10 weeks, I will still complete the final 42 weeks because I know it will only get better.”


52 Weeks to Awesome

Bonus #2: Early Bird Bonus Missions

We came up with 4 additional weeks’ worth of material for How to Be Awesome, but we didn’t want to cross any of the other 52 off the list, so we decided to make them special bonus weeks that you only get if you pre-register.

  • Early Bird Bonus Mission #1: Money management essentials
  • Early Bird Bonus Mission #2: Sticking your foot in the door of awesome
  • Early Bird Bonus Mission #3: How to be lucky
  • Early Bird Bonus Mission #4: Manifestation essentials
52 Weeks to Awesome

Bonus #3: Partner Pack Bonus Missions

52 Weeks to Awesome is designed so that you can complete it on your own, but part of being awesome is learning how to interact with others in a more awesome way. That’s why we’re including these 5 bonus missions, designed to be completed with a partner, if you pre-register this week. Even if you don’t have someone to do the missions with, you can still read through them.

  • Partner Pack Bonus Mission #1: Boundaries: what they are, why they’re important, and how to set them
  • Partner Pack Bonus Mission #2: Asking for what you need
  • Partner Pack Bonus Mission #3: Communication essentials
  • Partner Pack Bonus Mission #4: Becoming a better listener
  • Partner Pack Bonus Mission #5: Communication as a way to increase your awesomeosity
52 Weeks to Awesome

Bonus #4:
Creating Your Goddess Year
Workbook, Planner & Calendar

The lovely and generous Goddess Leonie is offering her 2011: Creating Your Goddess Year Workbook and the accompanying 2011 Calendar and Day Planner as bonuses for everyone who pre-registers for 52 Weeks to Awesome.

The workbook is handwritten & rainbow illustrated, and it’s gorgeous, like everything Leonie creates. It’s all about dreaming big and then making stuff happen to make those dreams come true. It includes:

  • A monthly calendar
  • A daily planner template you can print each day you need it
  • Creating affirmations for your new year
  • Creating a list of things to do when everything sucks
  • Creative projects to help you dream bigger
  • Making a powerful theme for your year
  • Making new year habits that sustain, nourish, & inspire you
  • Loads of reflective, soulful questions to help you get clarity, joy, & healing
  • Collecting tools to help you whenever you need extra support during your year
52 Weeks to Awesome

Bonus #5: Jen Hofmann’s The Wish Kit

The Wish Kit

The amazing Jennifer Hofmann of Inspired Home Office was generous enough to donate her very best entry-level product, The Wish Kit, as a bonus for 52 Weeks to Awesome.

The Wish Kit is a 28-page workbook that combines the right questions with your inner knowing. It’s a process of discovery that is unlike any organizing book – because it’s all about you.

The Wish Kit helps you discover and clarify what you wish your office could be. It’s about you and about what you need to create a supportive, inspiring workspace.

In the end, you will have insights, enthusiasm, and a clear plan to create an office that truly supports you while you do the work you love.

What’s in The Wish Kit?

Most importantly:

  • hope
  • inspiration
  • a clear path forward

Practically speaking, the workbook has 5 parts. Put them together and The Wish Kit:

  • Prepares you for opening to the creative process.
  • Explores your ideas of a supportive, inspiring workspace and deepens them.
  • Helps you understand what’s currently happening in your office and why it affects you so strongly.
  • Assists you in discovering compelling solutions that help the clutter and confusion disappear.
  • Moves you forward with enthusiasm and clarity.

Kyeli loves this workbook, and she wants to point out that you can use it for any space you want to make more awesome, not just a home office. (:

52 Weeks to Awesome

Bonus #6: Coaching with Pace

World-Changing Coaching

Once you’ve made it through the entire course and completed at least 80% of the missions, I want to show my appreciation of your awesomeness by offering you a free coaching session. We can talk about what’s next for you, figure out what area of your life you’d like to make even more awesome, and make it happen. It usually costs $500 for a coaching session with me, so I’m offering this as a big incentive for you to keep up the good work and make it through the whole year. Kyeli and I will be rooting for you all 52 weeks!

It takes a lot of commitment and integrity to make a big investment in yourself, so these bonuses are our way of saying thanks for having faith in us, and even more importantly, thanks for having faith in yourself.

52 Weeks to Awesome

Pre-registration is only open until Thursday, Dec 2.

If you pre-register now, you pay the discounted price of $37 and you lock in all your bonuses. But the “pre” in “pre-register” means that the course doesn’t begin until January. We’re closing registration on Friday, December 3rd. We won’t open it up again until 2011, and that’ll be without the early bird bonuses.

Why? We’re going on a big road trip soon, and we’d like to get everyone registered and ready to go before we leave. That’s also why we’re closing registration during most of December, because it’ll be easier to switch things over and add in all the cool new stuff if we’re not also entering new people into the system at the same time.

52 Weeks to Awesome

Here’s what you get:

By signing up for 52 Weeks to Awesome, you get:

  • 52 emails, each with a tidbit to learn and a mission to accomplish
  • 52 MP3s, the audio versions of the missions for you to listen to
  • A 135-page workbook so you can peek ahead, refer back, or print out and scribble in
  • Our best-kept secret to living an awesome life
  • 4 Early Bird Bonus Missions
  • 5 Partner Pack Bonus Missions
  • Creating Your Goddess Year workbook, planner & calendar
  • Coaching with Pace as a reward for completing 80% of the missions

The course costs $52, just $1 per week.

If you pre-register this week, you get a discounted price of $37.

When you pre-register, you get the two bonus workbooks immediately, and the rest of the course begins the first week of January, 2011.

“Thanks so much. I actually feel that with your support and guidance I can do this, which is a very new thing for me. Thank you both.”


52 Weeks to Awesome

Take a peek behind the curtain…

Here’s a free sample: just one of the 52 missions you’ll get as part of 52 Weeks to Awesome.

52 Weeks to Awesome

Our commitment to you

Our sincere intention for this course is to help you live an awesome life. With that intention in our hearts, we offer this commitment to you:

If you do the work (complete at least 80% of the assignments with an honest effort) and you don’t feel totally awesome after 52 weeks (by your judgment of “totally awesome”) then we’ll not only refund you 100% of the money you paid for the course, we’ll give you two hours of personal coaching for free.

In fact, if you’re cool with talking about what did and didn’t work for you in the course, and how we could maybe make it better for the folks who take it next year, we’ll give you double your money back.

You’re pledging your time and your money by investing in this course, and we want to honor your choice by pledging our time and our money as well.

52 Weeks to Awesome

Here’s where you sign up!

Click here to pre-register for 52 Weeks to Awesome.

Buy Now
Remember, pre-registration is only open until Thursday, December 2nd.
(If you’re buying this as a gift, please include the recipient’s email address, first name, and any special instructions in the “note to seller” box.)

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