Laugh More – Love More

Too many of us take our health for granted – until (if we're one of the lucky ones) life smacks us in the back of our head and says, "Wake up!"

I came down with the flu this past weekend. The real stuff and not what everyone calls the flu when they have a stomach bug. This one makes you hurt all over. In fact, my hair is aching and if you take a good look at my photo, you'll notice hair should not be something I think about.

So, I've had to slow down this week. And, I've been grousing about it and forcing myself to try and work. That is until today when I really got the slap to the head.

I got a call from a friend who told me that a business colleague who I haven't seen in a couple of years died last month. He was a "tough guy" who would never go to doctors. He had a family history of colon cancer but would not get a colonoscopy or even a screening. He was only 58 years old and ultimately he succumbed to colon cancer.

However, that's not what killed him. Stubbornness, selfishness, and stupidity killed him.

(Getting on top of soapbox now.)

Today's posting is a reminder to all of you who read this blog that sales, marketing and leadership really don't matter much if your health is poor. It's also a reminder to myself. If you've put off that checkup or screening, pick up the phone right now and make the appointment. Talk to your husband or wife about that physical they keep "forgetting." Change your eating habits. Start walking more.

And finally, laugh more and love more. It's the best preventative medicine.

Leaders like you are rare. We need you to guide us for as long as possible.

(Back down off the box. Thanks for listening.)

3 thoughts on “Laugh More – Love More”

  1. I second your self-realization. Take care of yourself! Our good vibes can only do so much, you’ve got to take a break now and again. Have some tea. ^_^
    Wow, I could almost be talking to myself. I’m going to go have some tea, too!

  2. HOpe you are feeling better now!
    I totally agree, I’ve just taken part in an Irish television programme but the goal was to improve my time management and get my laughter back and it was so worth it – great to be happy, content and laughing again as well as regaining my sense of achievement!

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