Let’s Hope Pirates Never Go Out Of Fashion

The first time someone asked me if I was retired, I probably gave them a very strange look. I remember what went through my mind. “Retire! How old does this coot think I am.” The guy was serious and I had just turned 50. I later decided that it was probably because we were new to the neighborhood and I worked from home. Since I didn’t get up and leave the house every morning, I must be retired.

I wish that thought had come to me before I ran to the local drugstore and bought a Just For Men beard and mustache kit. I figured since mine was turning gray that was the reason my neighbor thought I was retired. The coloring was a bad idea. I misjudged and got it too dark and by the time I was done all I needed was an eye patch and a parrot and I would have been ready to be a pirate. And, I rather like the idea of being a pirate but I was still studying how to be humble and that does not work for pirates.

How old are you? I know for a fact that the people who read this blog range in age from their 20’s through their 80’s. That’s a pretty long span and sometimes I forget that if you’re say 30-years-old, you’ve always had personal computers in your life. You’ve probably been using one since you were a pre-teen at the latest. And, if you’re 65-years-old, you probably never used a personal computer until you were around 36-years-old when IBM introduced the first PC in 1981.

However, that means that a 65-year-old who has been using PC’s or Apple’s all her life has been using one now for almost as long as the 30 year old has been alive.

I was thinking about that this morning while I was taking a walk. Apple sold 300,000 iPads on Saturday and they expect to sell over 4 Million of them – this quarter. Meanwhile, some people are still scratching their heads and wondering what they will use it for. I think you’ll use it for anything your laptop and desktop does now. Maybe not tomorrow. But, what kind of stories will our 30-year-old be telling her grand-kids 35 years from now when she turns 65?

The conversation might go something like this. “When I was your age we had to lug around notebooks that weighed almost six pounds and had to recharged every day. We had to type on solid keyboards and voice recognition was still hit or miss. Now with your Artificial Intelligence Optical Waveguide Cognition Glasses you only have to think what you want to do and there it is on your head-up display.”

My granddaughter will turn 65 in 2074. Can you imagine the stories she’ll be telling her grand-kids?

I just hope they are still making pirate movies with real parrots. I wonder what kind of display they will use to watch them?

Photo compliments of bloody marty mix’s Photostream

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