Like a Rock

I've always enjoyed sitting at the side of a stream and watching the water flow past. Some of my favorite memories are doing nothing more than following along the path of the meandering Little Beaver Creek where I grew up in Southeastern Ohio.

Maybe like me you've taken note of how the rocks in the creek are shaped over years of having the stream flow around and through them. The rocks don't have any choice in the process. The environment determines their shape and ultimate future.

Sometimes I speak with people who tell me they are stuck and when I hear that I picture them in my mind as a rock. They say they want to write a book, or start a blog, or create content for their marketing efforts but they are unable to get moving. Like a rock, they are letting their environment dictate what they will eventually become.

People don't need to be stuck. We're free to choose our path and processes. One of the greatest joys we as humans can feel is the ability to engage in creative processes and projects that stretch us, stir our imaginations, and ultimately shape our lives and those around us.

Choose wisely.

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