Listen Between the Lines

As salespeople we’re taught how to respond to objections. There are carefully crafted responses to every objection a potential buyer can raise. But skillfully responding to objections isn’t the same as active listening. Active listening means understanding the reason behind the objection.

When a customer says, “It’s not in my budget right now,” you could convince him that it is. But what if you said, “ That’s interesting. People with budgets usually have a plan or goal. Would you mind sharing yours?” By listening to their goals and plans you have an even better idea of where your product fits in, or if it fits in. More importantly, you get to see if the customer really needs your product or not. If they don’t, don’t sell it to them. You’ll only create resentment.

If you can honestly show them how your product will help them, you’ll create loyalty. But you can’t get there unless you listen, really listen between the lines. Forcing round pegs into square holes is possible, but not effective or efficient. Ask questions that get to the heart of the need. Instead of asking, “What kind of car are you looking for?” try asking, “What do you see yourself doing in a car, commuting, shuttling kids to soccer, shopping, hauling?” Get a sense of who your buyer is and what they really need, not just how much he/she has to spend.

A smart salesperson listens with their heart.
~Bob Poole

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