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Season 03 Episode #04

Listen First Project with Dr. Graham D. Bodie

“What we need to realize is that we have much more in common than we have that divides us.”  –Dr. Graham Bodie

Welcome to the Watercooler Hangout podcast, where I chat with influential and successful sales and marketing gurus, entrepreneurs, and creative people just like you as we share real-life stories about sales, marketing, leadership, and creativity. Listen in and learn the best advice on how to move your business to the next level!

A Bit About Graham

Dr. Graham Bodie is a Chief Listening Officer for the Listen First Project and an internationally recognized communications scholar whose work focuses on showing individuals and organizations how to listen better. Based on his extensive knowledge and experience, Dr. Bodie builds customized workshops and compelling keynotes for groups. 

What is The Listen First Project?

The Listen First Project is primarily a social movement and work organization that helps people discover what it’s genuinely like to listen. Graham found organizations that brought together communities, but they lacked sustained effort to amplify, aggregate, and align those efforts. As a result, Graham started LFP, bringing together people from across the nation that listening is robust for personal and professional happiness and success. “We try to get as many people as possible across the world invested in listening better.”

How LFP Bridges the Listening Divide

“Over 100 million Americans want to see a sustained national campaign for unity,” and most Americans believe they can be part of a solution. Based on this information, Graham has positioned his organization to create this sustained and global effort.

Since most of us have social media networks and friends that are “echo chamber bubbles” of our own opinion, we don’t reach out or understand what others value and hold dear. “It’s essential to establish those trusting relationships which start in a local context.”

Listen in as we talk about how the local context community works to bridge discussions, why we need to realize that these voices aren’t outside agitators wanting to erase our history; these are people who have feelings and a perspective that needs to be heard and we can move together to come to an agreement.

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