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In 1971, after working as a photojournalist, I decided to open a studio based photography business. I was very young and was under the impression that if I built a really great studio along with creating and presenting great work, the public would be knocking down my door. It didn’t work like that.

I quickly realized that people were not ready to listen to what I had to say about my photography. It was only after I realized I had to get peoples’ attention first that I began to experience success. Seth Godin makes a similar point about a book he tried to sell about political activism in the early 90’s in his blog today.

As I got more experience in marketing and sales, I learned that in order for me to get people to listen to what I had to say and to buy what I had to sell, I had to listen to them first. I learned the value of asking questions and listening before I ever tried to sell or marketing anything. I took the position that trying to sell something without listening to people first would be the same thing as a physician prescribing a drug without ever talking to the patient. I would be guilty of malpractice.

Many people are starting their own small businesses today for a number of reasons. Some because they are tired of the corporate grind. Others want to be their own boss, for some it is a second career and others due to downsizing. However, unless they have a good background in sales and marketing, many of them will fail because they don’t know how to get people’s attention and they don’t know that they need to listen first and sell later.

If you know anyone starting out or struggling, please point them towards this blog. I share over 35 years of sales and marketing experience here for people just like them.

Another thing I learned the hard way over the years is that it is easier to learn from other peoples’ mistakes than from you own.

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