Listen for the Sale

Have you ever walked into a store, or onto a car lot and known right away what you wanted? You were ready to buy, but the sales person helping you insisted on having you listen to their entire sales pitch. If you came in ready to buy, you probably know what it’s like to walk away having changed your mind while listening to the sales person blather on and on. Don’t be like that.

Learn to listen for the sale. If the customer wants to buy shut up and get them the item they want. Take their money and congratulate them on an excellent decision. Many customers make decisions about items they want long before you even open your mouth. They’ve done their research and are ready to buy when they walk in the door. So when someone says, “What’s it cost?” They’re much farther along in their decision making process than, “Do I really need this?”

They’re past the “just looking” stage and are evaluating their purchase options. They’re thinking, “now or later, this model or that” and preparing to negotiate. Don’t ruin the sale by trying to force them to listen to your script. They’re sold. They just need the details about how to make the sale happen. Don’t get bogged down in scripts, processes or procedures. When a customer is ready to buy, sell them what they want.

“Every man is a fool for at least five minutes a day. Wisdom comes from not exceeding that limit.”
~ Elbert Hubbard

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