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Lorna from Ireland asked me some questions after my last posting in the comments section. I thought it worthwhile to post my answer here too as it applies to all of us. Just substitute your business for Lorna's and think creatively!

Here is her note:

Hi Bob,
I'd love some tips/ideas in developing a more creative approach to my
business. There's 2 aspects to my business – interior design
consultancy with sales of designer fabric and wallpaper and the other
is the on-line shop selling home accessories and gifts. As my products
aren't essential, business has slowed with the present economy.
At the moment, I'm hosting three Interior Evening Events where I have
invited previous clients and everyone I think would be interested to
them – planning to have 8-10 at each (due to space reasons), having
light refreshments, I'm doing a talk on latest trends etc, and offering
discounts. the first one was last Thurs and had 11 at it, it went well.
Bookings are slow for next Wednesday and there's about 8 booked in for
the last one – the following Tuesday.
Am wondering should I phone the people I sent invitations to in order to follow up?

It seems to me that your customers have two decisions to make. One is more long term in that it affects their home design. (Fabric and wallpaper.) And, one is more impulse. (Gifts and accessories.)

  1. Here are some questions you might want to consider:
  2. How can you market them differently to meet the different decision making time frames?
  3. What companies can you team up with to show your fabric and papers?
  4. Who else can market just your gifts and accessories?
  5. What organization raises money for charity that would be willing to put on fund raisers using your products?
  6. How are you staying in touch with past customers? How are you thanking them? Are they giving you referrals?
  7. How are you making buying from you FUN?
  8. Can you start a Frequent Buyer Program/Club?
  9. How can you get out and do a presentation at least 2 times a month on decorating trends and styles for business and why business offices need to look fresh.
  10. Include information on different styles for different types of businesses. Include some statistics that show how design in the office is an investment that pays dividends in increased sales, satisfaction, referrals, etc.
  11. What can you do that nobody else in your market can or will do?

Good luck!
PS I always follow up on the phone.

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