Losing a Job You Don’t Need

If you’re like most small business owners, you find that you wear a lot of different hats. One minute you’re the CEO, then the head of sales, and often the person who cleans up at the end of the day. I have a suggestion for you. Give serious thought to outsourcing those tasks.

I know it can be difficult to free up money to pay someone to do work that you can do just as well (or even better) but there is a trap here you need to avoid. Too often it is easier to stuff envelopes, do the accounting, run the errands and a dozen other things than it is to be the Chief Marketing Officer. And, your primary job as the business owner is as the head of marketing. Especially when business is really good. Or, really bad. And, especially when business is somewhere in-between.

With the time you free up from having someone else do those jobs, you can create a marketing system for a niche group you’ve been wanting to approach. You can invite a select group of decision makers to a breakfast networking event that you host. You can start writing that blog you know you need. You can learn how to stop trading hours for time and leverage your business to increase revenues.

You get the idea. Instead of saving a few bucks by doing jobs you shouldn’t be doing; you can focus on increasing business that will pay for those services many times over. And, you’ll be building assets into your business.

Every day you hesitate to let someone else do these tasks is a day you lose money and opportunities. Personally, I hate losing. I bet you do too.

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