When I first heard that my fellow Triiibes members were planning a one-year anniversary blog ring to celebrate, I was quite perplexed. “One year,” I thought! “It has to have been longer than a year.”

This feeling of time shifting isn’t unusual for me as I’m only a little over a month from turning the page on my 60th year. So, time for me tends to be speeding up these days.

But, I don’t think my advancing years have anything to do with it this time. It seems like it has been longer than a year because I feel like my fellow members have been a part of my life for much, much longer.

I’ve learned, laughed and sometimes cried with them. I’ve been challenged and inspired. And, I’ve made friends with the most creative group of individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Early on, I joined the Tribes e-Book project and I met a young lady who inspired me with her leadership and her ability to guide a large group of independent thinkers towards a very short deadline. We finished it and if you haven’t read it, you can check it out here.

The same young lady, Megan Elizabeth Morris, then joined me as my editor for my first book. It’s a book on sales and marketing that I had been saying I was going to write for several years. But, it took a Tribe to inspire me to actually do it.

Today, I’m developing a new project that will help small businesses move more quickly to profitability. And, my second book is already in progress. And, once again, it has been fellow members who have challenged and guided me.

Sometimes they don’t even know they’re doing it. Just reading about their passion, achievements and compassion for each other and the word at large makes me proud to be in their Tribe.

If I can recommend one idea to you it is this. Find or create your own Tribe.

Magic will happen!

7 thoughts on “Magic”

  1. We have you to thank Seth for providing the opportunity and getting Triiibes started! I can’t wait to see what we’ll be writing about a year from now!

  2. Hi Bob!
    You are right the time was just flying by. When I started to work on my second video for Triiibes it felt like I had done the first one just yesterday.
    Above I read about your project for leading small businesses on the way to quicker profits. That’s exactly what’s needed right know. Please, let us (Triiibes) know how it goes. –Yours John

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