Make a Difference This New Year

photo of kitties

I have the best job benefit in the world by being able to work from home. What do you think that might be? It’s easy – I get to be with my dogs and cats all day.They are wonderful friends and sometimes I get lost in watching them interact with each other. I could tell you plenty of stories but let’s leave it with my last suggestion for 2007.Animals need our help. Thousands are abandoned, abused, and killed each day. If you have a pet of your own, I know you know what it is like to be welcomed home by them; to have them be there for you when you’re having a bad day and to lift your heart.

Before the New Year, do something good for the animals. Maybe you can look up the address of the nearest shelter in your area and send them a check. Or, drop by and ask if you can volunteer your services. You’ll feel great that you did and the animals will love you for it.

Winnie and Bear (pictured above), came from a great Philadelphia area organization that can always use your help. Kitty Adoption Team.

Thank you very much!

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