Man Eating Chicken – Story at 11

P.T. Barnum would be laughing and rolling on the floor if he were around today to see our current crop of political ads. Call it what you want – hype, spin, deceitful lying – the politicians believe the public is no more sophisticated today than back in the days when a retailer put a sign in his store window proclaiming "Man Eating Chicken." The window was blacked out so you had to look though a small circle that had been cleared. And, what did you see when you looked inside but a man sitting at a table eating a piece of chicken.

For years marketers have said you have to "sell the sizzle" and it worked. But, when people learned that the sizzle had nothing of value behind it – they stopped trusting the marketer.

Have we finally learned you have to have substance behind the sizzle? Are we beginning to look behind the curtain to find that the Wizard was just some other lost soul?

It's difficult to get the public's attention. Sometimes a box of giant popcorn will get it.

However, to get their attention by hype, spin and deceit says much more about the marketer and his/her opinion of the public. Mom always said actions speak louder than words.

Are you saying one thing but doing another?

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