Marketing Tip For the Rude or Angry Driver

Here’s a
tip for business owners who have their company name on their vehicles – make sure
whoever drives them understands that how they act on the road creates the
perception people have of your business.

example, early yesterday morning I was making a right turn at a traffic light.
Coming from the opposite direction was a van that was making a left turn
against traffic. For some unknown reason the van driver decided to zoom away
from the light and make an illegal turn cutting off the car in front of me as
well as my own vehicle.

And there
plastered on the sides and the back was the name of the business including the
phone number and web site. I actually laughed when I saw the name. It was “Rush”
painting. I guess Mr. Rush was in a rush to get somewhere and he didn’t remember
his name was all over the truck as he both endangered other drivers and
demonstrated his rudeness.

As luck would
have it, he didn’t get very far as traffic is heavy on that road. I ended up
behind him until he got to the destination he was rushing toward. It was a WaWa
coffee and deli store. I guess he really needed that cup of coffee.

was driving the Rush Painting truck drove like an angry, rude and inconsiderate
person. And, that is the perception he left with me and probably other people
at the intersection. And, that’s too bad as I checked out his website and he
spends good money on creating a different image.

It might
be a good customer you just cut off in traffic.

I can
guarantee you that it won’t be someone who will ever be a customer.

Godin writes about Angry People Are Different and he has two suggestions for dealing
with them. One is to avoid them and the second is to help them become non-angry
so you can then develop a relationship. The problem with the second suggestion (when it comes to the seller being the angry person) is that it is much easier to
take Seth’s first suggestion.


2 thoughts on “Marketing Tip For the Rude or Angry Driver”

  1. I carry a small recording device with me at all times to record thoughts and other things. I always note the company names of these people and won’t do business with anyone that careless. If they are that careless with their driving, they are probably careless with the job they perform.
    Thanks for the post.
    ~Roxanne Green~

  2. Roxanne – Great idea about the recorder. I have one and will carry it with me in the car. It should also come in handy on long trips when I break into song and want keep it for my archives. 🙂

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