Marley and Me and You

Joann and I were having one of our bi-monthly conversations about why the heck do we pay money to Verizon every month for premium television when we never watch it. You've probably had one of those kinds of conversations at some point. We take the trial offer which is cheap or free and then we never cancel. It's what we used to call the "Puppy Dog Sale" back in the day.

The idea is if you want to sell someone a puppy dog, you let them take the dog home for a few days. You know what happens. The kids fall in love with the puppy and it is now yours. Car dealers used to do this. I once had a brand new 240Z for the weekend. What's a person to do but buy it then.

Speaking of puppies, Joann and I decided to watch some of the premium channels so we put Marley and Me on last night. I should have checked it out a little more before watching it.

Let me see if I can describe my experience. About 15 minutes into the movie it occurred to me that this was a movie about a dog and its life through the eyes of its family. All of a sudden I said, "Oh hell!" or something like that and Joann jumped and asked me, "What is wrong?" "The dog is going to die." I said. We both knew I was right and I didn't know how I'd handle it. I'm a real sucker for pets. We have two dogs and three cats and, if we had more room, we'd add at least one more dog to even things up.

So, moving forward, we both spent the last 30 minutes of the movie sobbing our eyes out. I can't even imagine watching this movie in public. Maybe that's why it didn't do as well at the box office. Nobody could watch it in public. But, hey, if you want to clean out the ol' tear ducts then Marley and Me is the movie for you.

I don't grok people who don't like dogs. I get it that there are both dog and cat lovers. I'm both. Does that make me a polypetlover? Anyway, when someone tells me they don't like dogs, I either figure they have had a bad experience with one, grew up in a home without pets, or they are quite possibly deranged whack jobs to avoid.

I mean we're talking about a dog. It's an animal that will give anyone 100 times more love than you can ever give it – if you let it. It will protect you, comfort you, entertain you, and stay by your side until it takes its last breath. The only terrible thing about dogs is they just don't live long enough.

Life is so much more enjoyable with a dog in your home. If you have the love and the time to give to one, why not take a look at your local shelter.

You don't have to adopt one.

Just take it home for the weekend.

6 thoughts on “Marley and Me and You”

  1. You are right about Marley and Me Bob. I watched it at home so I could cry in private. The dog that captured my heart was the chocolate lab I drove across two states to meet the breeder when he was old enough. I paid for him before he was born and got pictures from her until that wonderful day when I held Jackson Brown, who looked more like a brown teddybear, in my arms on the long ride home. I also remember the day he died. That’s all I can say about it…you understand.
    Now I am preparing for my newest pet, a white and chocolate lynx ragdoll kitten, who can come home as soon as he is old enough to be neutered, the day before Thanksgiving. We met yesterday. I went “just to look” but he lay quietly in my arms, licking my fingers, and blinking his deep blue eyes at me, so how could I not say yes he is mine?!

  2. The only reason I watched that movie is because my friend is in it (she was the real-life dogsitter) and she’s in the background in a few scenes at the paper.
    Otherwise, too sad… I would have avoided it.
    And yeah, when I went to adopt my cat, I wanted to take them ALL home.

  3. @Suzanne. Congratulations on the new kitty. We will need photos!
    @Jodi. That is so cool that your friend was the dog-sitter in the movie. She did a good job being tortured by Marley.

  4. It is cool. However, she wasn’t the person who played the sitter, she is the real person in the book. She didn’t get to play herself in the movie (what, wasn’t she qualified?!) and they changed her name.
    By the way, the movie changes some things around and leaves out the part where Marley dragged her into a canal. She’s in the movie as “background” in some of the newsroom scenes.

  5. Oof, for real. Car dealers still do this. One sent a car home with Marty and I and it was just a pain in the ass. I guess it didn’t work quite the way they expected.
    Want a GREAT dog movie? We just watched “Bolt”, it’s a Disney animated movie. IT’S FANTASTIC. Sure doesn’t hurt that I have German shepherds at home. Man, I miss my dogs.

  6. @Jodi – The canal was probably too wacko even for Marley. It’s a good thing I hadn’t read the book first. True story – we had DVR’d a number of movies. When Joann and I looked at the list I said “I don’t want a downer movie. Oh, look. This one is about a dog.” Yikes!
    @Megan – I didn’t know car dealers still did that. Around here you’re lucky if they let you take it alone for a test drive. But, then people have been known to steal them on test drives in Philly.

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