Men are from Mars, Are Salespeople From Venus?

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If there wasn’t a difference between the way men and women interpret the world, relationships and business the world wouldn’t be the complex, wonderful thing it is. If you’re in sales however, it apparently also helps to be female. So says a Ball State University educator. Ramon Avila, the George and Frances Ball Distinguished Professor of Marketing says women may be better suited to handle sales positions than their male counterparts. Avila is also director of the award-winning Ball State Professional Selling Institute where enrollment by women by the way is up, way up. In other colleges around the country women are starting to outnumber men in sales courses! I’m not surprised, and apparently neither is Avila.

In sales you have to be very people and relationship oriented. You have to have great listening skills and understand the client’s needs and wants. If you’re a master at empathy, and many women are, you have one of necessary ingredients to be successful in sales. However, studies show the best sales teams are not made of all women, or all men. They’re made of men and women who work well together and play to each other’s strengths. No surprise there either.


“Men have to play good (baseball) in order to feel good. Women have to feel good before they can play good.” — Mike Candrea

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