Now, on a page named “Mojo,” you might be expecting some wild-haired guy with a feathered headdress waving chicken bones, but that’s not the case. What we have here are the ways and means by which our working together can bring clarity, energy and renewed purpose to your organization. That normally falls under the Services banner, but “services” just doesn’t cut it—I’m suggesting that what I bring to an organization is more like sparks, and sparks that can make your business flame burn bright and true.

Those sparks can be transferred through intensive one-on-one consulting/coaching sessions or customized workshops for sales teams. Whether you need strategy sessions, tactical blueprints or implementation methodologies—or all three—I guarantee a return on your investment. And of course, all workshops include follow-up coaching for your sales and marketing teams. Here are specifics on our approaches:

Sales and Marketing Mojo
from The Sales and Marketing Guru®

Implementing the proven results of our Listen First, Sell Later program, these are sessions with no artificial flavors. From building marketing strategies to developing your sales force, we’ll cover all the ground of getting results through value-driven creative thinking. And if covering the ground isn’t enough, we’ll go under the ground to get at what’s best for your business. Heck, if defying gravity is required, we’ll take a shot at it.

Here are some areas in which we’ve delivered stellar results:

  • Unique Selling Propositions
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Marketing for Professionals
  • How to Have Your Customers Market for You
  • Discovering Hidden Value and Opportunities
  • Creating Successful Sales Teams

The primary goals of our consultative sales program are three:

  • Helping salespeople become much more successful and productive, while also enjoying the sales process much more than ever. Happy salespeople sell.
  • Helping our clients become more profitable with a process that will produce consistent, trackable results. Money—we think it could catch on.
  • Building a program that focuses on creating high value for both our clients and their clients—everybody tastes the gravy.

But with us, it’s never a formula. It’s a living (and lively) process and we jump in—listening. We’d be happy to share with you case studies of our specific successes with this flavor of mojo.

Workshop Mojo

Feeling like sales objectives are vague, ill-defined or strategically unsound? A strong workshop dosage of “Listen First, Sell Later” can wipe a dim objectives window sparkling clean. Whether you need a one-, a two- or a three-day workshop, your business structures and goals can get their nails driven in straight. Our best friends are productivity, ongoing revenue and customer loyalty.

Puzzled by social media and new relationship marketing? Take our two-day social media workshop that spells out whether you should be tweeting or Facebooking (or both or neither), and how to make your presence felt without wearing down the keys on your keyboard. Again, case studies of our workshop successes are available.

Keynote Speech Mojo

If your organization has a sales or marketing event in need of a speaker who won’t drone on and on about fields in a spreadsheet or the best prices on paper clips, but who will bring a energized, pointed presence to the stage, get in touch. I have years of speaking experience on a range of pertinent topics.

What Your Organization Stands to Get


  • Substantial increase in sales and profitability
  • Rapid acceleration in sales cycles and dramatic reduction in cost of sales
  • Rapid increase in market visibility for company and products
  • Significant increase in new sales channels and strategic marketing alliances
  • Dazzling negotiating techniques


  • Spectacular boost in employee morale with unrivaled team performance and production
  • Dramatic reduction in employee turnover
  • Exponential improvement in customer service and value-focused employees


  • Successful launches of new products and services
  • Implementation of brilliant strategies and tactics to create and capitalize on opportunities
  • Powerful use of e-tools to accelerate sales and elevate level of profitability


  • Priceless access to an experienced, dynamic, and reliable marketing partner providing fresh, exciting and creative thinking from an objective viewpoint.
  • Mutual understanding and agreement on company’s product mix and services value proposition
  • Attraction of an exceptional quality—and higher-profile—client

What Individuals in Your Organization Stand to Get


  • Remarkable increase in self-confidence and respect from peers and management
  • Crystal-clear definition and effective communication of personal mission
  • Elimination of old paradigms—unleashing of the capitalization of your strengths


  • Enhanced skill sets for a fast track to higher earnings and earnings potential
  • Extraordinary improvement in listening skills
  • Persuasive negotiation skills for exceptional outcomes


  • Spectacular growth in sales referrals, database and sales cycles
  • Significant improvement in interdepartmental communication and results collaboration
  • Impressive working relationship, resulting in an understanding of personal goals and delivery of results much faster than competitors.
  • Tremendous improvement in opportunities for vibrant leadership roles and promotions
  • Vibrant productive relationships with clients and customers

It’s Not About You

In some ways, extraordinary service—a central key to getting and keeping customers—is so simple: Put on your customers’ shoes. Ask questions. Listen. Keeping customers happy (and lowering customer attrition rates) will always have a better long-term effect on profitability than cutting costs, reducing the workforce, and especially cutting back on employee education.

But simple sometimes eludes us all, with masses of data, performance-chart craziness and strangle-collar sales goals taking our wind away. We know how to position these simple practices—many gained from the years of experience leading up to Listen First, Sell Later—in a persuasive package for customer-facing personnel, and we’ll supply appropriate coaching for C-level execs too.

Simply put, we believe the most important solution to building and maintaining a successful business lies in the quality and capability of the people who communicate with and serve your customers. Improved performance and effectiveness require an investment in those people and the systems that support them. People are the pulse of your business.

Call, Write, Shoot a Flaming Arrow

Once you get a whiff of our mojo, you’ll want more. Feed the hunger: Shoot me an email at [email protected] or call me at 215-258-3405. Your business deserves the sparks!