Mom Is My Sales and Marketing Hero

My apologies for not posting in a few days. I should have let you know. However, I have a good excuse. I took a few days off to travel to Ohio to celebrate my mother's 80th birthday. I decided to drive because I hate what passes for airline travel these days. And, I decided to "unplug" for a few days. We had a great birthday celebration, by the way.

My mom, Dorothy, is my sales and marketing role model. She started selling shoes even before I was born and over a career of 50 years, she continued to be the best shoe salesperson in the world. During those years she also was in management and was a buyer for shoes but she never stopped working with her customers. She retired so many times the company stopped putting the paperwork through since they knew she'd miss her customers and be back.

I've never had to ask her about her formula for success because it was always on display if you saw her work. Here they are:

  • She loved what she did and she loved her customers.
  • She made sure she always knew the latest fashions and the latest health news about shoes. That health news set her apart from everyone else especially when it came to shoes for children.
  • She knew what her customers liked and wanted and she made them feel special when they were with her.
  • She has never stopped learning. She was asking me for marketing tips and books up until the day she retired. She uses a computer, email, etc.
  • She always wanted to be the best at what she did and settling for anything less made no sense.

I should also mention that she has been partially or totally deaf for much of that fifty year career. She was one of the first people in the country to get a cochlear implant back in the eighties. She taught herself to read lips before that so she could work. We used to tease her and tell her she owed her success to the fact she could never hear her customers say "no."

Mom learned how to "listen" to her customers even though she couldn't hear them. How are you doing when it comes to listening to yours?

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