My Absolutely Last Post About Twitter – maybe

Last week I wrote about "Why You Must be on Twitter." Subsequently, some readers jumped into the fray and now they have sent me emails or called to ask, "What the heck do I do now?" And, "How do I make any sense of this?"

Both are good questions and deserve some guidance. Assuming there are more of you out there that didn't call, I'm going to try to give you a few ideas and tools. First, reread my post of a while back, "Not Another Twitter Post." I wrote it back in early March, which is a lifetime in Twitter time. But, it will give you some ideas of how I used Twitter back then and how I approach other people in order not to make them run screaming and clicking the dreaded "Un-Follow Button."

I have found Twitter to be useful and it has actually driven business for many people including myself. First, before I get into some tools, you might want to pick up a copy of "Twitter for Dummies" from Amazon. I know one of the authors, Laura Fitton (@Pistachio on Twitter) and she is one of the people who let me follow her and learn. I haven't read the book but I'm going to because she was an early adopter who took Twitter and ran with it to create her own Twitter business. Buy the book. You can buy it together with mine and get free shipping.

Now, on to the tools. I use TweetDeck to follow all the people that I want to follow and see them in one place. It allows me to split the screen into subgroups. I have my Triiibes people, direct responses, competitors, searches for my name and company name, and one column of everyone else. And, I can change them on the fly. It gives me instant feedback on what companies and people I care about are tweeting. You'd be surprised what you'll learn here.

There is a new service called CoTweet that is free and still in Beta. It will allow multiple people to tweet from one (the same) user name. So, within a company you could have a dozen of your employees tweeting. Each one could have a different area to tweet or time or whatever. I haven't used it yet but I have clients I'm recommending give it a try. It levels the field of play between small and large businesses.

There are a number of services and applications and most all are free. Go to Twitter Applications to see some. Then visit the Twitter Fan Wiki to find applications you can use right now. You might be interested in the photos apps. There are hundreds of different applications. Don't be overwhelmed. I'd suggest starting with TweetDeck and learning a little at a time.

Good luck and don't forget I'm always willing to take questions. I might now answer them but I'll take them.

Just kidding! Have a great Memorial Day weekend for my US readers. The rest of the world should definitely have one too!

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