My Goals

Goals. We talk about them a lot this time of year. Individuals set them as well as companies. There are web sites to help you set them and more articles than you can shake a stick at. This isn’t one of them.

I promised that I’d share my goals here with you. And, I’m keeping my promise. I’ve always been a goal setter and I always share them with friends and family who I know are both supportive and hold me accountable. What’s better than to share with my friends here. Here are the big ones.

  • Write a new book for print and have it finished by December 1, 2010.
  • Collaborate on eBooks with several colleagues.
  • Conduct a free monthly webinar beginning in Feb. 2010.
  • Do an every other week video blog on Mr. Listen First.
  • Comment on at least one other blog daily.
  • Guest post on 6 other blogs.
  • Reach and maintain a weight of 190 pounds.

Feel free to remind me, encourage or offer ideas.

4 thoughts on “My Goals”

  1. Jodi – Thanks for the encouragement. My office is in a loft above the second floor of my house. Four flight up from main part of house but more like 3 flights. When it gets tough going up and down all day I know it is time to reduce.

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