My Mother is On Facebook but not Twitter

Today is my Mom’s birthday. She’s 83 years young and still keeping me in line as she reminded me on a recent visit home. She’s compute literate, uses Facebook, email, Google and more technology than many of my peers. She has dismissed Twitter as being of any value to her. And she still reads a dozen or more books every month. I’m the oldest child out of five and all of us are constantly reading. We owe that to Mom.

We didn’t have a lot of money growing up but we did have plenty of books and we shared them with each other. Both her and my father loved to read and their example molded all five of us kids. Mom made also sure she took us to the library every week from the time we were preschool until we could get there on our own. Today those five kids include two sisters who are PhD professors, a sister running a successful bank, and my brother who is tops in his field of medical services management. You think that love of reading might have something to do with that?

Give the kids in your life one of the greatest gifts you could ever give them. Read to them when they are little and then show them how they can read their own books. Take them into a children’s bookstore as often as possible and let them explore. Get them a library card. And, if can afford it an e-reader. Your life and the child’s will be the better if you do.

Thank you, Mom, and Happy Birthday!


PS – Rylie is my granddaughter and one of three of Mom’s great grandkids with one more due any day!

5 thoughts on “My Mother is On Facebook but not Twitter”

  1. Bob, my love of reading comes from my mom, who never pressed me about it, but so obviously enjoyed reading herself that I wanted in on the action.

    She is nearly blind now, but reads (haltingly) with a big magnifying glass, and still gets a kick out of it; she’s still influencing me.

    Happy Belated Birthday to your mom!

    1. I’m not surprised you grew up with a mom that loved reading. Your own writing shows how much you love the written word. I got a note from a friend who never comments publicly that I’ll share with you. She teaches in an inner-city elementary school.
      Here is what she wrote:

      It’s a shame how few parents do that–kids in my school are so far behind because no one took 10 minutes each night to read to them. It’s the first building block of reading & the easiest one for a parent to do. Our teachers read to their classes daily–K through 5, but it’s hard to make up for those first 5 years. The public has no real understanding of how sad these kids’ lives are and how hard we work to make a difference for them.

      I think too many parents today are so busy they are more likely to put their kids in front of a screen instead of reading to them.

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