NASCAR Type of Blogger

You've no doubt seen a NASCAR car if you live in the United States. For those of you who live in other countries, here is a photo of one of them. They are covered from bumper to bumper with logos and other types of advertisements.

I'm afraid that is what is happening to many blogs. Wired magazine, in their latest issue, says that "The blogosphere, once a freshwater oasis of folksy self-expression and
clever thought, has been flooded by a tsunami of paid bilge." They predict the death of blogs. A plethora of ads on many blogs is also disconcerting for me.

I clicked on a well known blog the other day and for the first few seconds, I wondered where the content had gone. It was surrounded on all sides by ads and self-promotion. I guess it works for this person – right now. But, I also believe people will get tired of being inundated with dozens of ads each time they open a posting.

But, maybe I'm wrong. Some of the most widely read blogs have lots of ads. Maybe people don't mind the ads – even if they appear to be self-serving. I don't have the answer but my gut tells me that hitting people with lots of ads when they can easily delete you from their reading is not a good idea. Maybe you thing differently.

Most magazines, newspapers, and television programs have ads. You can rid of TV ads only on premium channels that you must buy. If you watch the local channels you have to watch the commercials – unless you use a DVR to record the program and then fast forward through the commercials. If you buy a book you don't expect ads. However, I just paid for a book that turned out to be nothing but a promotion for someone's marketing system. If you wanted the "real secrets" you had to sign up for a costly system.

I don't know what's the "right way" for everyone. I just know that for me and this type blog, no ads works. And, I limit self-serving information or announcements to rarely.

I'm not comfortable being a NASCAR type of blogger.

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