New vs. Old

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There are a few movies I enjoy watching over and over again, very few, but I admit. I have my favorites. And I have some songs I never get tired of hearing over and over again — in moderation. But when someone is taking up my time to sell me something, I don’t want a replay. I want to see what’s new. New information gets my attention and keeps me engaged. It will do the same for you and your prospects. Old information, or no information at all, is just a time wasting call. Annoy me with enough of those and you won’t annoy me again.

If you’re selling something, find new solutions, new approaches, new insights, new services, new ideas, new marketing, new something! If you’re taking up someone’s time with your sales pitch you should be replacing it with something of equal value. What will it be? Insight? Attention? Suggestions? Brainstorming? Problem solving?


“The greatest difficulty in the world is not for people to accept new ideas, but to make them forget old ideas.”~Tom Peters

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