Nominated for Small Business Blogging Award

I want to thank Amanda Stillwagon, Assistant Editor at Small Business CEO for her nomination of The Water Cooler Hangout for this weblog award. It’s nice to know other that bloggers are also reading The Water Cooler.

In return, I want to nominate a few blogs that I also enjoy reading that I think are of value to small businesses.

SquidBlog  – everything you need to know to use Squidoo.

Creative Generalist – is an outpost for curious divergent thinkers who appreciate new ideas from a wide mix of sources.

Pistachio Consulting Inc. – Lots of good information about Twitter and more.

 The Art of Non-Conformity – Unconventional Strategies for Life, Work, and Travel

Cafepress Blog – Shop, sell or create what’s on your mind. A blog from the successful folks at Cafepress.

How to Change the World – A Practical Blog for Impractical People by Guy Kawasaki.

DoshDosh – Dosh Dosh is a blog offering internet marketing and blogging tips, alongside social media strategies.

To everyone nominated, please feel free to grab your award image above and post it to your own site.  It is suggested that you keep the award circulating by nominating your own group of 7 award worthy weblogs.

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