Not Another Twitter Post!

"The world doesn't need another blog posting about Twitter."

That was my first thought when a reader asked my thoughts about Twitter and if I used it. So, why am I writing this? Because she asked and then I realized that many of my readers probably don't have time to learn about every possible social networking service. Herein lies my take on Twitter. It is not a course on how to use it. It is a story of how I use it and how you might use it too.

Yep, I do use it. You can easily find me there as I use my name and not some secret identity. Yes, I do have a secret identity (not on Twitter) but that's a discussion we will have to have another time. If you want to connect with me on Twitter send me a Tweet @BobPoole. A tweet is a text-based message up to 140 characters and it is how you use Twitter. That's all the instructional information I've giving here.

How I use Twitter and How you Might Too

  • I use it to connect with fellow members of Triiibes. These are friends I want to be in touch with and I use it like you might use an Instant Message network.
  • I use it to discover new people – interesting, fascinating people who I might otherwise have never met. For example, I've really gotten into tea lately and I've been able to connect with world class tea experts on Twitter. Some I found and some found me because they see I'm connected to other tea lovers.
  • Once I've discovered these people, I follow them – no it's not like stalking – I follow their Tweets and I can often learn things from them. Some people follow thousands of people. Personally, I only follow interesting people I really want to follow.
  • Occasionally, I microblog about something or someone I want to share or if I want to raise awareness of something I'm passionate about like United Friends School

That's about it. Using it this way Twitter is a pretty powerful tool for me. My advice (which I learned from fellow Triiibes member Megan Elizabeth Morris) is to be a real person. Be friendly. Be humble. Be compassionate and warm. Offer help to others – give them information that's useful to them. Have a sense of humor – be entertaining, but be relevant. Let them know you appreciate what they say and occasionally let them know how they can support you.

Amazingly like communicating with friends in real life.

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