Not At Any Price

For many years, big corporations have been doing stupid and terrible things and getting away with it by using public relations, buying lots of advertising and using lobbyists to purchase politicians – ahem attention.

Small business, your business, and my business can't afford to do that. And, I'm not talking about monetarily affording it. We can't afford to spend the goodwill – the social capital – the trust that we and our employees have built up.

Big business believes that all things can be fixed with money. Throw enough money at the problem and it goes away. We've learned that isn't true over the past few years. Using personal greed and selfishness to achieve profits does not work and all the PR in the world isn't going to change that fact.

We're smarter than big corporations. We don't believe them anymore. And, we've learned that once you have spent your social capital and credibility – it can't be bought back at any price.

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