Not Every Connection is a Sale – But Every Sale is a Connection

Once the sale has been made many salespeople either assume the next sale to the customer is a given, or they move on to the next customer and don’t think anything about the sale once the contract is signed and the invoice paid. Studies show that customers who buy are indeed likely to buy again, and to buy more, but only if they see the value in doing so.

Price is no longer a bargaining chip. 10 minutes on the Internet can show who has the lowest price. What the Internet can’t show quite as quickly is who has the best customer service, the best follow-up, the best relationship building sales. When you make a sale, you’re making a connection. The sale opens the door. Walking through that door into the customer’s business, life and future is what makes more sales. That first sale is like a first date. You’ve met, talked and exchanged time, ideas and resources. Do you want to continue the relationship? Then see it as a connection.

If you play a round of golf with someone and have a great time do you walk away after the last hole? You don’t if you play golf regularly. You set up a time to play again. You meet at the 19th hole for dinner and drinks and to recount the game. You establish a connection so you’ll play again. Sales are the same way. Not every connection you make will result in a sale, but every sale you make is a connection.

Forget about the business outlook, be on the outlook for business.
-Paul J. Meyer

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