Objections are Emotional, Not Rational


I once watched a couple at an art show argue about what painting to buy for their home. The issue wasn’t the price; it was about what painting went best with the colors of the couch they planned to hang it over. Trust me. Buyers rarely make rational objections. Objections are almost always emotional. People feel guilty, uncertain, and afraid. They worry about what their spouse, friends or peers will think. They don’t believe they’re “worth it,” or they wonder if the item is manly enough, feminine enough or “cool enough.” Believe it or not, even corporations worry about if “the colors will match.” Learn to listen for and respond to the emotional needs of your customers, not just the technical, practical or financial needs.

“Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”~Joshua J. Marine

photo compliments of KaitlynKalon


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