Old Dogs, New Trick

People tell me that dog training is hard. I disagree. Mine had me well trained within a week or so about when to feed them, give them treats, pet them, and walk them and all the usual stuff about sleeping on the furniture. Sure, I resisted, but in the end they mostly had their way. Funny right? But it’s true. We’re easily trained, not by others, but by how we allow ourselves to be treated by others—even our own pets. Whether your clients treat you with respect or distain, you’re the one who taught them how you expect to be treated and you’re the only one who can change that.

If they cancel on you at the last minute, or stand you up, or ignore you, and all you do is smile and nod and reassure them it’s “okay,” you’re sending the message that your time is not important and that’s how they’ll continue to treat you, as if your time is not important. If however you set boundaries, and pleasantly but firmly call attention to the fact that if they’re not able to make a meeting you’d appreciate a call, they learn how you expect to be treated and will treat you that way. Respect your customers, but expect respect as well. People rarely buy any product or service from someone they don’t respect and who doesn’t respect themselves.

“How you look and treat yourself teaches everyone how to handle and treat you.” ~Anonymous

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  1. I really adore those dog who are able to do some tricks that truly amazing, but I can’t teach my dog like that… It’s really hard…

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