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Tim Brownson describes me as the oldest man on the Internet. He wrote that in a blog post naming his twenty-top people on Twitter. Or, should I say twenty top tweeters on Twitter posted Tuesday by Tim? I like the alliteration. Thank you Tim. I’m toasting you with tea.

I got a good laugh out of his reference to my age but I can assure Tim I’m not the oldest. In fact, my mother is on Facebook and we use email to communicate with each other since she is almost totally deaf and her cochlear implant doesn’t help much anymore.

But, I might be up for some age specific honor if you were to ask who is the oldest who uses – and then name pretty much every new technology and social media that appears. Some I continue to use and some I find useless. But, I can’t imagine not trying them out and immersing myself in new technology. I do it for a few simple reasons:

  1. I want to stay as mentally sharp as possible as I age. People who continue to learn and exercise their brain and their minds have a richer life for longer. That is a scientific fact.
  2. I get to work with people who are 30 and 40 years younger than me and I get to do it every day. They have fantastic ideas and an entirely different way of looking at these tools and at life in general. They treat me as a peer and not as someone older than their parents and even grandparents.
  3. And, I get to pass on what I learn to my friends and clients to help them with their business.

I’m not stopping, retiring to play golf, or taking up a new hobby. I already get to do exactly what I want to do every day.

Why would I ever give that up?

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3 thoughts on “Oldest Man on Internet”

  1. The good news is I’ve always had a good level of respect for my “elders”, so there’s little bad kharma floating around for me to trip over. I’m close to your age, and generally look forward to my interaction with those who are considerably (20+yrs) younger than myself. For me, technology and exciting personalities like you help me to better understand and relate to the ever changing virtual world around me…. a.k.a. “connect the dots”
    It sort of boils down to this simple point of view… as long as I can wake up in the morning and get vertical, I have a BIG jump on a lot of people in the world today. Or, should the view be called Gratitude? Whatever. Keep smiling.

  2. @Gary – Thanks for the comment. I can appreciate your gratitude feeling. I just spent two hours shoveling snow and rather than being ticked off at mother nature for dumping another 22 inches on top the 22 we had, I’m happy that I can still shovel snow for two hours!
    @Tim – aren’t they the same thing?

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