Once Upon This Time

Your story is what gives meaning and a sense of purpose to your company – your business – your dreams. Is it one that people can't help but spread? One that people can dream about is hard not to spread.

Sometimes sales and marketers confuse the story about their product and services with the "real story." The "real story" is one that includes your customers' stories too. Customers seldom dream about your story. But, they can dream about a story that includes them and their dreams.

Most good stories have a hero who must face challenges and learn from them; then teach others how to implement what she has learned to improve the lives of others. Think of the Star Wars or Independence Day movies as examples. You can adapt this model to your own story.

The story you tell must evolve as your business is evolving and as your customers problems, needs, and wants evolve. Check out Amazon or Barnes & Noble for books about story telling if you need a place to start.

Or, even better, think about a story that captured your imagination. Think about one that you need to be part of no matter how much it cost in money or time. That's the kind of story you need to tell.

Then write your story. Practice telling it. Spread it.

By the way – a mission statement is not a story.

But, that's a story for another time.

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