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I got several emails from people saying they were going to start sending out notes as I suggested in my last post – One Thing. Here's one idea I forgot to include. When I first started sending out notes to clients years ago, I made a habit of buying postcards during my travels and then writing them out in the hotel in the evening. The cards let people see where was working and they seemed to enjoy the postcards. Even if  you don't travel, you can buy cards in your own city.

And, one more thing. It is easy to get panicked in these economic times and cut back on marketing, which is a mistake. We've already discussed it. However, it is just as easy to make the mistake of flaying about and throwing money at what you see as a lack of business.

People will buy in this economy if you offer them something new and exciting. I'm in the Philadelphia area. People here are spending millions of dollars on the World Series experience because it is something new and exciting for them. The team has given them a reason to be a part of the story.

Use your marketing dollars wisely. Create a product/service that is new and exciting. Create a story that people will remember and pass on to other people. Give them a reason to part of your story. The same old story isn't going to work today.

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