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Greetings Card-1 If you would like to do one thing this week that will make a big difference in your marketing and sales efforts, make a commitment to send out three handwritten notes to clients, prospects, and friends – at least 5 times a week.

That's 15 notes a week. Do it for six months and you will have sent out approximately 375 cards.

It can be a thank you note, a renewing acquaintance note, or a note to let someone know you were thinking of them and appreciate them.

You can write them while your traveling (unless you're driving the car in which case I rescind my advice). You can do them while you've got the game on TV – who really watches all the game anyway. You can find a few minutes each day to write them.

Above is a photo of one of the cards I use. I have them made by my friend who owns a small digital printing company. You can have a few made at a time these days and the new digital printers will make them look great. I get fantastic, creative, envelopes at Envelope Mall.

Please find the time. I promise you it will make all the
difference in the world. You'll renew, enhance, and create new
relationships. People will be shocked they got a handwritten note. In
six months your network will be much wider and tighter. And, I'll be expecting a card from you then.

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