Our Customers Want Belly Rubs!

I live with dogs and cats. It’s a choice I made years ago and I’ve never regretted the decision. They bring me so much joy and watching them live in the moment has, frankly, taught me more about life than I ever learned in school. Today, my youngest dog, Bucca taught me another lesson. He loves to have his belly rubbed. Three or four times a day I’ll hear the jingling of his collar tags as he makes his way up several flights of stairs to my third floor office. His sole purpose for these visits, as far as I can tell, is to have me rub his belly. Bucca

Yesterday, I was reading a Blog posting by Seth Godin about “Customers Who Care” when Bucca made the trip to my office and started whining, barking and pawing at my legs until I gave in and began to rub his belly. Seth’s article talked about the importance of getting customers to care about our business and then actually listening to them. Think about it – our customers also want us to give them belly rubs. I’m not suggesting you actually start rubbing their bellies, although such a movement might make for a kinder more civilized society.

Think of belly rubs as “paying attention and communicating” with your customers and letting them know you appreciate them. Maybe you can drop them a handwritten note or put some information in the mail to them about the hobby they’re passionate about. Or, make a point to drop by and surprise them with bagels tomorrow. Send them a giant box of popcorn and make them laugh. You know yourself how good it feels to get a belly rub, especially when you’re having a tough day. You could make someone feel wonderful. You could change their entire outlook for that moment – or more – just by giving that belly rub.

Business is about relationships. Customers want belly rubs! Are you giving them?

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