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Matt Fox

Today’s Sunday Doughnut is from reader Matt Fox. You can find Matt at Persuasion Theory.Com. Matt also has a Workbook called Friction Free Sales and Marketing that he wants you to have for FREE. You can download it by Clicking Here. I heartily recommend that you take a look as it is a very unique book that is more than just a theory.

Almost 20 years ago, I was sitting at my favorite coffee shop and started chatting with a nice young lady. We started talking about typical small talk and I practiced my questioning skills to get to know her better. During our conversation I had an eye opening (or should I say, “heart warming?”) experience.

As we were talking, I began to notice things about her. She answered questions and we were developing a wonderful conversation. I could see there was something more behind what she said. Her facial expressions, the voice tone, and the emotion-filled words when she described things caught me off guard.

I realized most people I talk with give me the same type of information. However, in my haste to participate in the conversation I was stuck in my own head, thinking about what was being said and what I wanted to say. I heard the other person but I didn’t understand what was beneath the words. When this happens, you miss what’s being NOT said. You miss the unconscious clues a person lays out in front of you, like a secret trail to a hidden treasure chest of information.

The young lady and I were talking about relationships and when I realized what she was communicating (consciously and unconsciously). I dropped my voice and gently said, “You were really hurt throughout that experience, weren’t you?” Her eyes began to tear up. I continued to “sell her” on how lucky she was to learn so much about herself that she won’t ever have to experience a situation like that again.

My bride laughs at how people willingly dump their lives’ story out to me. It’s easy. It is about listening to what’s said and what’s not said. It’s like having X-ray vision into a person’s soul. You can see the fractures and help them feel good about buying your solution to heal.

When you do that the world becomes you’re best friend.

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