Peter Keady: Photographer and Life Consultant

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Season 04 Episode #05
Peter Keady

“The true value of a chaplain comes through in times of calm in order to address times of crisis. ” ~Peter Keady

Peter Keady: Photographer and Life Consultant

Peter Keady is a professional photographer with PK3 Photography and is currently a life coach consultant. His unique and varied background experiences have given him the skill set to work with leaders and upcoming leaders over the past two-plus decades. Peter’s specialty areas are leadership support, team building, and emotional intelligence are all PK3 training specialties. He advises his clients on forming, developing, and keeping better teams, leading more successfully, and living with a heightened and increased Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

Peter’s Career from Photography to Ministry

“I was drawn to photography from the journalism side, and I had a very strong interest in people.” At the time, the church was looking for someone to work inside their youth program and decided to be the youth ministry leader in 1994. This slowly became a growing passion for Peter while at the same time his photography career started to explode. While working for national magazines, Peter was called to join the ministry, went back to school for his master’s degree in theology, and performed pastoral ministry for over two decades.

Heeding the Call as a First-Responder Chaplain

He and his wife wanted to get involved in his home township, Palmer Township and became a chaplain for the local fire department organization. “The more I worked with first-responders, the more I cared deeply about them.” Realizing firsthand the stressful work first responders do, Peter wanted to care for them in the chaplain’s role.

Listen in as we talk about the purpose of the First Responder Chaplain Corps, the origin and history of chaplains, and how Peter supports others in his chaplain system within the first-responder community.

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2 thoughts on “Peter Keady: Photographer and Life Consultant”

  1. Great podcast. As a former US army paratrooper that had the privilege of serving under Peter and youth ministry, I can say that Peter was definitely born for this new role in his life. He has always known to clear difference between just “caring about” people, and “caring for” people. I have no doubts that First Responder Chaplain Corps will be, if it isn’t already, the gold standard or first responder chaplaincy.

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