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I got a note from the man who taught me the value and importance of writing personal notes right after the Daily Doughnut on Tuesday. His name is Frank C. Dawson and he is from my home town of East Liverpool, OH. Frank had read the Doughnut that day and he wanted to remind me of an idea that he kindly credits to me that works with using personal notes. I don’t know if it was my idea as I know for a fact that I learned 100 times more from Frank than he ever did from me.

Here’s the idea and you might want to incorporate it into you notes. There are two things that people seldom throw away. One is a book and the other is a photograph, especially if they are in the picture. I was working as a professional photographer back when Frank was teaching me about note writing so it was a natural progression to start including a photo in the note.

But not just any photo. I make sure to take a picture of the client or prospect when I’m with them during a sales call, meeting, or even lunch. Sometimes I have someone else take the shot and include us both in the photo.

Frank took the idea one step further and had a special card made up to hold the photo. He could jot a note on the inside of the card next to the photo or include a longer note on stationary.

Almost all of us carry a camera these days in our phones. All you need to do is shoot a couple of photos (make it fun) and surprise your client or prospect with the photograph and a note a few days later.

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