Power to the People

Have you given any thought to how your business will look five years from now? How will you be doing business then? By 2013 technology will enable companies to deliver extraordinary personalized service and supply.

Everyone will be connected to each other. A couple of years ago it was only the teenagers who walked down the street text messaging each other. Today it is the norm to see Wall Street and Main Street texting each other.

By 2013 your customers and clients will expect your company to be connected to them 24×7. They will want you to not only provide extraordinary customer service but they will expect you to anticipate their needs and wants.  You’ll know both based on the profile of individual preferences they will share with you if they chose you as part of their trusted network.

All this will place enormous power into the hands of the buyers and consumers. They can and will quickly find a new company to serve them if they don’t like how you treat them and how you respond to their needs.

If you buy from Amazon then you already have experienced what it is like for a company to anticipate your needs – to know what you like and to offer you similar things that you might find of interest. If you use eBay then you know that you can find almost anything in the world for sale. And, eBay doesn’t have to own one square foot of warehouse space. Both companies use technology to enable a new way of distribution.

The important thing to remember is that technology is an enabler. You still have to constantly create and recreate your remarkable company. And you need to use technology to spread your story.

One without the other won’t work in 2013 – or now. You need to do both.

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