Practice or Preach

Practice works better than preaching. For your words to have any meaning, they must be based on what you do and not on what you say.

For example, the decisions you make in regards to your employees (practice) are much clearer than what you say (preaching). The practice shows the real beliefs and values of your company or organization. You can tell people they are respected and valued members of the team, but if the way you reward, pay, promote, terminate, and appreciate are not done with respect and integrity the company will lose respect, value and trust.

Your mission statement can be a work of art that is meant to convey exactly what the organization believes in and strives to meet. But, if it sits in a desk drawer gathering dust and is not practiced – it is useless.

You can write glowing marketing copy, produce beautiful websites, engage in social media marketing and do everything right according to the latest marketing gurus. But, if you don't actually deliver on what you promise in the copy and what you say on-line – then you are wasting all the effort that went into the "preaching."

Here's a true example of this kind of preaching. Doylestown Hospital, near my home, proudly advertises (preaches) that they have an open MRI in addition to their closed one. Since insurance companies dictate where you must get certain tests, doctors attached to Doylestown must send their patients to them for MRI's. However, if you call to make an appointment at the open one, the hospital will not schedule you until "you fail being able to have a closed MRI." "Even if you've experienced a failed one someplace else due to claustrophobia you have to fail one with us first," according to the policy of the hospital MRI scheduling staff.

When pressed for reason for such a stupid policy, It turns out they don't really own the open one and they make less money when they have to use it. So, they make claustrophobic patients suffer through having panic attacks and waste considerable time before they will "allow" them to use the open one. I assume they get paid for the failed test too by insurance thereby making up the loss of income from sending patients to the open one. Everyone wins except the patient who loses trust in the hospital and the medical system.

It really is better to spend more time doing what you say that saying what you do.

More organizations should practice it.

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