Profits Are Not Just Money

Being in business or starting a business to make money is a difficult way to live. Don't get me wrong. Profit is the reason a business exists. But, to "do" a business with only the profit motive is no better than spending your life as a corporate drone in a cubicle wishing and saying "if only."

But, profits are not only money. Profit is what I get as your customer, your employee or your supplier. A business must contribute profit to all that it touches or it will not – it cannot be successful. A business cannot be successful at the expense of others. It may put money into pockets but it cannot be thought of as successful if others suffer or lose as a result of the business.

If you are in business (or in a job) where your only profit is money, you are not in the right place. Would you sell your soul for money? Business and life are not separate things. You cannot be in business and compartmentalize it from the rest of your life. You cannot compartmentalize it from your soul.

Be in business because you love what you are doing – because you love helping everyone in and around your business to profit. The "profits" will be that much greater. And, the journey will be so much more interesting.

2 thoughts on “Profits Are Not Just Money”

  1. I followed part of this train of thought yesterday. Money as purpose is a startlingly non-concrete way to go about one’s business. Wanting $9000 a month doesn’t remind me HOW I’m going to get $9000 a month; it’s almost wistful. So why on earth not start from the thing I want to DO, the person I want to help, the impact I want to make — and let the money happen from there?
    My favorite, favorite, favorite two lines: “You cannot be in business and compartmentalize it from the rest of your life. You cannot compartmentalize it from your soul.”

  2. You got it! Why not start the thing you want to do? It still has to be practical from a financial position in order to fuel the business but it doesn’t have to be all about money. A successful business becomes its own entity. It takes on a life of its own. Make sure it is a life you want to be part of.

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