Prune With Purpose

Great gardeners don’t just prune to cut back unchecked growth. They prune with purpose, with a goal in mind. They prune three things:

  1. Dead wood that interferes with the space, air, energy, fuel and resources the healthy parts of the plant need to thrive.
  2. Sick branches, buds or blooms that are not going to get well and only use resources that could be going to healthier parts, and most importantly;
  3. Healthy buds or branches that appear fine, but in reality are not the best buds or branches for the best plant.

Great gardeners prune perfectly healthy limbs and buds in order to create an environment where the best buds and limbs can thrive, but they do so with an end goal in mind. You can’t prune until you have a goal. Refine and define your goals, then prune with purpose.

How will you apply this to selling? Make a list of dead wood, things that use too many resources that could be going toward other clients, and, the most difficult, those things that are making you money but not good for your overall health and mission. Then take action.

Give a lot, expect a lot, and when you don’t get it, prune.
-Thomas Peters

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