Put Down The Newspaper, iPhone, iPad or Laptop And Listen

hiding behind phone

Before technology replaced the morning newspaper at the breakfast table many couples would accuse each other of “hiding behind the newspaper,” to avoid having a conversation in the mornings. Sure, there would be the usual, “Good morning, have a good day, what are you doing today?” questions, but no real conversation about what was really happening. Couples simply got in a rut and were often shocked when their partner said one day, “You never listen to me. I want a divorce.”

Customers and clients can fall into a rut too. You stop paying attention to what’s happening with them or their company each time you see them. You exchange the same old chitchat, but the excitement, the pleasure, the connection is gone. Since many salespeople are task oriented and many clients are relationship oriented, don’t be surprised if you show up one day and they’ve “asked for a divorce,” meaning they’ve taken their business elsewhere. Chances are they didn’t feel like you were connecting anymore.

You don’t have to have heart-to-heart gabfests every time you meet, but do take time to keep up with what is happening with your clients and their company. Put their name and their company name in a Google alert. Read their website or blog, follow their Twitter feed or check on their company’s Facebook page to keep up with what’s happening with them. Not only will they feel like you’re invested in them, you may find a need for new products or services you never knew they needed.


“Luck is largely a matter of paying attention.”
~Susan Dodd

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