Quit Living In Fear

Fear is a powerful motivator. It is also an equally powerful de-motivator. Millions of people today are living in fear worried about losing their jobs, their homes, and their 401K's. But, there is one group of people that have no such fear. They know how to sell.

At some point in their life they made a decision to sell their way through life. Mine happened in 1st grade when I was given a box of Christmas cards from the catholic school I attended and told to go sell it to raise money for the school. I didn't have enough relatives who could buy my "quota" so I started knocking on doors. I was hooked the moment I realized that I could create businesses and then sell my products or services.

Some of you reading this will have a similar "Aha" moment. It was then you realized that you would never have to depend upon someone else to discover your talents, to give you a job, or to promote you. From that moment on you realized you had the power to control your own future because you choose to sell.

If you're in sales but still living with fear, then it is time to assess the problem. Would you like a list of why you probably aren't as successful in sales as you want to be? It is going to be a short list.

You aren't listening.

Learn to listen – really listen. It's how you establish trust, rapport, and relationships. I can't say this enough. I watch and listen to sales people every chance I get. And, 99% of them still don't really listen. They think they've heard it all before. They don't want to "waste time" and feel like they need to "sell." They are living in fear and so they are preoccupied with themselves.

Listen. Create value. Follow through. Keep your word. Maintain the relationship. Listen more.

You'll never live in fear again.

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