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“Many new business owners don’t know they need to sell first and listen later.” ~Bob Poole

Listen First, Sell Later

I quickly realized with my first business as a photographer that I would need to get customers’ attention quickly if I were to experience success in my business. With experience, I learned that I needed to listen first before I could sell my product. Listen first, sell later, always!

Listening is an Art

The first step is to tune the rest of the world out and stop your mind from wandering. Make eye contact and be aware of your body language and talk casually. Give positive feedback both verbally and physically. Make sure to stop for clarification if you don’t understand what you heard. It’s your responsibility to understand what the speaker is saying and communicate that back to them.

Building Trust for a Successful Relationship

In a world where buyers have an abundance of products and services to choose from, trust is invaluable. The most effective way you can build trust is by listening. The fact is, people won’t trust you if they feel that you aren’t listening to them. The level of trust you can receive directly relates to the followers’ perception of the leader’s respect, empathy, integrity, and communication skills.

Listen in as we talk about why trust makes everyone feel invested in each other, why trust is the most valuable intangible value you can have, and why it’s important to learn about your customers. Learn why you want to build your business online. 

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